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Mile Hi CattleWomen

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Barb Howe, as a rookie, has single handedly rejuvenated and restarted Mile Hi CattleWomen. She started with a team of local friends and experienced CCW members to build the infrastructure of Mile Hi CattleWomen and then branched out to other women once the organization had some legs under it. She used her resources, borrowed expertise from seasoned cattlewomen and persists to make it happen.

Barb is a seasoned businesswoman who decided it was time to retire from her off ranch job with an abundance of travel. Barb now dedicates time to the beef industry and a part time job with the Colorado Department of Agriculture working with the Colorado Proud program.

In addition to promotion, Barb cares about the education of the members. After hearing about the Masters of Beef Advocacy program she encouraged everyone to participate in the program and then organized “lunch and learns” for the members to discuss what they had learned.

Although the Denver Metro area is possibly the most in need of all areas of Colorado for beef promotion, it isn’t the easiest to reach. As the president and chief instigator Barb has encouraged members to look for activities where an impact can be made. The first promotion activity was at the Evergreen Rodeo. This rodeo has been in existence for 57 years and draws many more urban attendees than in years past. The MHCW had an exhibit both days of the event and shared beef industry information, beef sticks and had a roping area and coloring books for the kids.

Barb cares about the greater community. Like other locals, Mile Hi CattleWomen spans across county lines. She looks for events in the counties that members live - Jefferson County (Jeffco Jackpot, Jeffco Cty Beef Show & Auction, Jeffco Horse Show), Park County (County Fair, Cowboy Christmas), Arapahoe County (Arapahoe County Fair, Fitting a Farm for the Future, Visit the Village) and Douglas County. She also organized a Food Truck event with part of the proceeds from the sales of the night would go to the MHCW.

Barb participates in the Colorado CattleWomen meetings on a state level and attended the Region V meeting in Denver. She is eager to promote the
beef industry and be a part of groups that do.

Barb is dedicated. In this first year she continues to find activities for the the future for the group to participate in for 2024. She cares about the
community, the members and the beef industry.

Colorado CattleWomen are inspired by this story and are excited to present Barb Howe with the 2023 Rookie of the Year Award.

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