Colorado Beef Council

The CCW has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the Colorado Beef Council (CBC) going back to the 1960s. Sharing some of the same goals, the CCW has been supporting the beef industry through promotion and education. The partnership was formalized with the CCW submitting requests to CBC for funding of some of the many activities of the CCW. Some of the many projects over the years supported by the CBC and beef checkoff dollars or materials include: Cattle in Colorado History education booklet for students, Colorado State Fair demonstrations, Teen Beef Cookoff, Colorado Beef Cookoff, Taste of Home Cooking shows, water festivals, agriculture festivals, Holiday Food & Gift Shows, 9Health Fairs, Teen Beef Ambassador, How a Cow Stopped the World book, and many more.

Other projects include supporting CSU AgFest, 5K Ranch Runs across the state, providing travel reimbursement for members to work in the booth at NWSS, funds to support the Colorado Foundation for Ag, and promotional activities, like handing out samples at a large community event to promote eating beef, or presentations made at schools educating on the nutritional benefits of beef and products made from the beef animal.

Any local CattleWomen’s group interested in requesting funds to cover expenses from the promotional activities budget can apply for Beef Account Funds Reimbursement.

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Apply for Beef Account Funds Reimbursement

Any local CattleWomen group interested in requesting funds to cover expenses from the promotional activities budget should email the following information to Sallie Miller, and Joanie Shoemaker,

Please include the following in your email:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Local CCW Affiliate
  • Name of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Amount of Reimbursement Requested
  • In order to determine eligibility, please provide details regarding the event you participated in, how was beef promoted (i.e., type of samples given out or other), estimated number of people reached, how many cattlewomen were involved, and did you receive any compensation for being at the event?
  • Email receipt for the purchase of beef AND pictures of the group and activity to:,

All requests are completed as a reimbursement, not prior to an activity. The chair of the CCW Beef Account will decide, with guidance from the CBC, as to if a program qualifies for reimbursement. In addition, if a local group has an idea for a new activity, they should present that idea to the CCW executive board for approval prior to completion.